Muscle Metamorphosis Award

Muscle Metamorphosis Inc. is sponsoring an award at the TNT Muscle Showdown on June 22, 2019, based on one’s transformation story and achievement. Everyone has a story on their journey to get on stage. This is NOT based on how one looks on stage, but strictly based on the greatness of achievement, the obstacles overcome.  You can tell your own story or nominate someone who deserves the special recognition. Winner will present the most staggering metamorphosis, but not limited to physicality.

We are we looking for:

  • Physical Change
  • Mental Change
  • Spiritual Change
  • Lifestyle Change
  • LIFE Change
  • Health Change
  • Some or all of the above

The winner of this award will not necessarily be the top physique on stage, but rather the one with the most transformational story behind getting on stage and the willingness to share.  The submission doesn’t have to be eloquently written, just tell us the good old fashioned truth. It can even be in point form.

Please submit the following on or before June 7 to

1) In 300 words or less tell your story or your nomination’s story:

  • What does getting on stage mean?
  • What was the journey that brought you/them to compete?
  • What were the changes that were instituted to get here?
  • What or who supported this journey?
  • What was life like before the changes?
  • What is life like now?

2) 2-3 references to support the story.

3) Before and After photograph(s) in jpeg format:

  • There is no time frame on Before & After photos.

4) Free to enter with validation of registration at the TNT Muscle Showdown event.

The winner will be chosen by a select few Muscle Metamorphosis team members and TNT Muscle Productions Inc.  This award will be presented at the Finals in the evening with a uniquely designed trophy and a premium swag bag.

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.